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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Welcome to the world of Anusree Body SPA Parlour

body massage parlour center Kolkata

Why Us

  • 100% private & confidential

  • Complete security and needful protections

  • More than 6 years of experience

  • Leading establishment with best ladies

  • Lovemaking solutions to ease off stress

  • Classified companion for loneliness

  • Friendly ambience

  • Complete satisfaction guarantee

  • Oil massage with four hands treatment

  • Client satisfaction guaranteed

  • Smart communication with elegant girls

  • Girls from diverse communities and backgrounds

  • Store locations at all the prime places

  • Special deluxe room arrangements

  • Luxurious atmosphere with guaranteed pleasure

1) Swedish Massage Duration : 2 Hours

Swedish massage treatment is the methodology that rings a bell when a great many people consider knead. As the best-known sort of bodywork performed today, one of the essential objectives of the Swedish massage method is to unwind the whole body. This is proficient by rubbing the muscles with long castin strokes toward blood coming back to the heart. In any case, Swedish massage treatment goes past unwinding. Swedish massage is outstandingly helpful for expanding the level of oxygen in the blood, diminishing muscle poisons, enhancing dissemination and adaptability while facilitating strain. The process of Swedish massage strategies uses to peruse the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, and skin rubbing. Our Swedish massage session is conducted by experts, who are gorgeous and attractive at the same time.

2) Thai Body Massage Duration : 2 Hours

Thai massage and heavenly determination of body rub, needle therapy and magnificence treatments are ensured to abandon you feeling loose. Thai Massage is an antiquated arrangement of recuperating with its underlying foundations in Yoga, Ayurvedic solution, and Buddhist otherworldly practice. This remarkable and finish arrangement of Yoga treatment consolidate cadenced back rub, pressure point massage, tender bending, profound extending and reflection. Thai back rub discharges tension, builds vitality and furthermore makes wholeness about the mind, physique, and soul. Lay once again once sheets likewise the Verwoerd an aggregation from claiming your soul will be mixed and a comprehensive Furthermore therapeutic Thai massage begins toward your pace. Deep, also intensely stimulating, stimulating know parts of the body, or an eminent structure of unwinding for right requisition about hands in form..

3) Professional Massage Duration : 2 Hours

Get Relief from a wide range of body hurts, push, and tiredness by getting alleviating body rubs by lovely young ladies from Our Massage Parlor. We offer the best body rubs administrations to our customers. The back rubs are finished by wonderful prepared free personality females, who comprehend the need of the customers and gives the full unwinding and fulfillment to our customers. Our Massage Parlor comprehends the prerequisites and cravings of our customers minus all potential limitations. Satisfying the yearnings of our customers is our definitive objective. Our females are exceptionally ready to give you the best emotions and encounters. We just contract masters, who comprehend your physical prerequisites as well as upgrade your inward capacities.

4) Aroma Oil Massage Duration : 2 Hours

Aroma oil massage assuages stretch, irritation, and agony with vital oils separated from herbs, blooms, and natural products. This setting is particularly intended to advance dissemination, this warming mix incorporates clove, sweet birch, rosemary and cypress to help tissue recuperation and decline torment in muscles and joints. This unwinding mix advances a feeling of inward peace and congruity while facilitating anxiety, crabbiness, and worry. Our service line contains lavender, chamomile and many other consolidated ones with citrus and sage. Aroma oil massage is especially suited to conditions including stress or enhancing inwardly related conditions. After the meeting, you can select your most preferred aroma oil from the list. You are likewise given a chance to choose one from our ravishing masseurs, who is able to spread the greatest fulfillment to you.


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